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Educational Recital – 2014

The Operatic of Bèlè, New World or World New?, after The Operatic of West-Indies, find an extension of our new innovating educational recital. 


Educational Recital – 2012

October 18th, 19th, and 20th, 2012 will take place the 2nd edition of the annual educational recital of the IPPI, on the theme of “Cultural Identities”, at the Ceda. This year, operatic repertoire of Antilles will belong to the honor, with art songs for voice and piano, voice and guitar, solo guitar and bèlè drums. This concert is a part of the event, which has the same name: The operatic of West-Indiesin partnership with the Creole’s month organized by the Kepkaa association. From 15th to 21st of October 2012, people who love intellectual and sensitve work, will take advantage of all the IPPI activities; radio programs, conferences, public interviews and above all, enjoy the presence of our special guests: Sully Cally, Félix Casérus, and Jacques Schwarz-Bart. The Kepkaa magazine announces all those activities. All the tickets will soon be available.

Launch in the City Hall of Montreal


Opening Concert – Track and Next

We were very happy to host about thirty people as audience. As a new company, we appreciated the interest of musicians and non musicians. Congratulations which followed the concert make us believe in a growth and we decided to publish a book that will go with a free Best-Of CD. We hope this article will find a great accomplishment by being distributed to a largest number.  However, you can ear a part of that concert by now: the best moments of the concert. Thanks to Philippe Démier and his wish of drawing his own portrait by his music. We encourage you to visite his website: Philippe Démier. Thanks also to the very commited Giancarlo Scalia, whose one of his compositions took place in the opening concert.

Opening Concert

Finally! The first Ippi-Fondation’s concert will take place in Montréal, the 23rd of September 2011 at the “Jeunesses Musicales du Canada” concert-hall, 305 avenue of Mont-Royal East (Metro Mont-Royal). The most important part of the program will be made of Philippe Démier’s pieces. We will perform with a special underneath topic, namely, the « Cultural Identities ». Everything is notified on the advertising here enclosed and also on the Ippi-Fondation Facebook.

Partnership between I.P.P.I fondation & the Multisens Productions

A partnership between the Multisens Productions and the I.P.P.I has been signed in the framework of the artistic journey organized by Sylvie Blanchet with the Lachine’s St-Louis College’s adolescents. Samuel Bonnet will intervene as a musical and theatrical activities leader in order to help the participants to build recycled musical items and to stage the musical sequences. On the theme of water and stressing the importance of recycling, this journey is made of many artistic sequences (Music, Dance, Theater…) and will take place on the 8th of June in the Lachine’s waterfront. This partnership is a prelude to many other projects, among them the setting up of the I.P.P.I’s “Educational Musical Tale” in a close future!

The Thought, the Materiality, the Motion, Marsh the 2dr to 4th of 2011, an International Colloque was holding in Guyana, the treated purpose was: The “Patrimonialisation” which means heritages a land may possesses. Rébecca Arrouvel was given a lecture she entitled: “The thought, the Matériality, the Motion”. You will find on this website, the “data bases” used for that work. Just click on media and the video.

CRILLASH, in May, 2010

The site of the I.P.P.I is under construction since the end of July. We inaugurate our Web existence by the publication of an article following a “communiqué” realized during a CRILLASH Study day.